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At Hünnebeck, we offer you solutions based on reliable cost and time schedules that ensure greater efficiency and safety on construction sites. Tailor-made and driven by trust-based partnership.

Hünnebeck at a glance

We are one of the leading international suppliers of formwork, scaffolding and safety technology. Since 1929, we have been supporting the construction industry with solutions characterised by top quality, high flexibility and a high level of cost-effectiveness. As part of the international BrandSafway group, we offer you all the advantages of a worldwide network with 360 branches and 40,000 employees.

Why Hünnebeck?

Our safety system is a world leader:

  • It actively involves all employees
  • Everyone bears responsibility: e.g. for compliance with the life-saving rules, obligation to interrupt work
  • Required and advanced safety training courses are offered
  • With the EHS management system, it has a stable basis and is firmly anchored throughout the company.

We develop efficient solutions for you:

  • You can rely on perfect organisation and coordination for a safe, smooth process on site
  • Project management with the highest possible calculation and planning reliability
  • Established project management with close integration of all trades
  • Both partial solutions and complete formwork management possible

Successful projects with well-founded experience

  • Engineering teams with extensive product and application knowledge
  • Worldwide experience for local solutions from numerous construction sites
  • Experience in formwork, scaffolding and safety technology since 1929
  • Sound consulting on safety and access solutions by our health and safety coordinators

We work closely with you to provide you with the best possible support:

  • With fast and agile service: 14 company locations in Germany and more than 70 locations worldwide
  • Close network of well stocked warehouses for optimum construction site logistics
  • Great: on-site support of your construction site by our experts
  • We are wherever you need us. We attach great importance to lasting business relationships based on a partnership.

Get to know our user-friendly products, always individually adaptable for your project:

  • Formwork and support systems
  • Height access and scaffolding
  • Safety systems

The Coalition

The global of forming & shoring experts in the BrandSafway group along with the latest software technologies that aid in design solutions to both anticipate and solve problems and save money for you, allow us to design and provide valuable solutions to even the most complex projects. From screen to paper to on-site; our mission is to deliver the most efficient and safe design on every job-site.

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Hünnebeck has been one of the leading manufacturers of formwork, scaffolding and safety products since 1929. We have a broad range of wall and slab formwork, self-climbing formwork, shoring, scaffolding and safety systems, available for rent or purchase, for a wide array of uses – from commercial construction to industrial and infrastructure applications.

At Hünnebeck, we also understand that developing a sound plan before construction commences and providing experienced project execution is just as important as having a stable foundation; and therefore our extended services include planning, engineering, logistics, cleaning & repair, project management, foreman service and training.

Hünnebeck is committed to quality, efficiency, and a focus on finding the best-possible solutions to safely increase productivity, while supporting our customers. As a BrandSafway company, Hünnebeck, together with Aluma Systems and SGB, has created the largest global formwork coalition – delivering more solutions, safety and value to our customers.

North & South America

Visit Aluma Systems Website

Aluma Systems dynamic forming and shoring systems enable you to build faster, safer and smarter. With four decades of experience in more than 50 countries, Aluma Systems improves the quality and speed of construction all over the world. From high-rise towers, dams and stadiums to bridges, transit systems, and water treatment plants, Aluma Systems has revolutionized on-site productivity.

Aluma Systems began in 1972, when a young engineering and site crew introduced the Aluma Beam, at the time a breakthrough in construction, which introduced high-grade aluminum forming and shoring components.

Aluma Systems has an uncompromising determination to provide the highest standards of safety leadership and frequently win awards for safety excellence. As a BrandSafway company, Aluma Systems, together with SGB and Hünnebeck, has created the largest global formwork coalition – delivering more solutions, safety and value to our customers.

Middle East & South East Asia

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Since its birth, SGB has been one of the best-known and well-respected names in the industry. Today, SGB delivers end-to-end forming, shoring, access and scaffolding solutions to the world’s commercial construction and maintenance, infrastructure, and industrial markets.

SGB has one of the most extensive ranges of product options and services, from traditional scaffolding to mechanical or motorized access. Our in-house engineers and project management teams work with you to develop a comprehensive solution, selecting the optimum combination of products to ensure maximum on-site productivity without compromising safety. SGB also offers a comprehensive range of support services, including labor and training for a safer and more efficient workforce. As a BrandSafway company, SGB, together with Aluma Systems and Hünnebeck, has created the largest global formwork coalition – delivering more solutions, safety and value to our customers.

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Five Pillars of Safety

Our Global of Forming & Shoring experts along with the latest software technologies that aid in design solutions to both anticipate and solve problems and save money for you, allow us to design and provide valuable solutions to even the most complex projects. From screen to paper to on-site; our mission is to deliver the most efficient and safe design on every job-site.

Employee Intervention System
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Supervisor Observation System
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Management Safety Reviews
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Gold Link Audit System
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BrandSafway Learning Network
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Employee Intervention System

BrandSafway's Employee Intervention System (EIS) was developed to stop accidents before they happen. A proactive, behavioral-based process, the EIS helps prevent poor decisions in the hazard recognition and control process. This system identifies potential hazards associated with the environment, projects and work practices, allowing us to anticipate and prevent accidents by coaching employees on correct behaviors. Through the EIS, employees are empowered and obligated to stop work whenever they think an unsafe condition exists. This employee-driven program allows us to stay on the cutting edge of safety through continuous improvement.

Supervisor Observation System

The Supervisor Observation System (SOS) uses peer-to-peer observation and review to promote proactive ownership, accountability and positive leadership development at the supervisor level.

Management Safety Reviews

Management Safety Reviews (MSRs) help engage management to develop and promote safety leadership in the field. An integral part of BrandSafway's EHS system, this interactive tool requires managers to complete field observations, encouraging a thorough understanding of safety processes in the field.

Gold Link Audit System

BrandSafway's Gold Link Audit System is an in-depth and multilevel internal evaluation of a jobsite's safety management system and processes. Through inspection, interview and documentation review, action items are assigned and delegated to responsible parties and then tracked.

BrandSafway Learning Network

The BrandSafway Learning Network (BSLN) is our state-of-the-art, web-based learning management system for compliance, regulatory, craft and career path training. Through the BSLN, all BrandSafway employees can easily access work-related training and education.

Safety Values

At Hünnebeck, we are committed to developing a culture where environmental health and safety are core values, adopted and practiced throughout all levels of the organization. Our commitment to EHS starts at the top with our executive leadership team and cascades throughout our organization to include our entire network of companies, branches, locations and jobsites. Ownership, personal responsibility and the importance of following policies and procedures are consistently communicated across our company. Our leadership team believes ALL accidents can be prevented and ALL of our employees are responsible for EHS — not only for themselves, but also for their co-workers, customers and contractors on every one of our jobsites. With these core values as the focus of our industry-leading safety culture, Hünnebeck is more than a company with a great safety program; Hünnebeck - a BrandSafway Company - is a safe company.

BrandSafway at a glance

A leading provider of specialized services to the global industrial, commercial and infrastructure markets, BrandSafway delivers access and scaffolding systems, forming and shoring, industrial services and related solutions to more than 30,000 customers worldwide. BrandSafway was formed when Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services and Safway Group combined in 2017

BrandSafway Numbers at a Glance




+ jobsites




+ million labor hours of soft-craft services annually

Scaffolding Great Britain (SGB) was founded

Hünnebeck was founded

Safway Steel Products was founded

Brand was founded as a Chicago-based insulation company

Aluma Systems was founded

MATCOR was founded

Industrial Specialists and Gregg Industrial Insulators were founded

Brand founded Industrial Specialty Services (ISS)

Safway acquired Atlantic Hoisting & Scaffolding

Gregg Industrial Insulators, Hünnebeck and SGB became part of Brand

Brand and Safway combined, creating a world-class integrated industrial and commercial services business, known as BrandSafway


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