TOPEC is an aluminum modular formwork slab system without beams.

TOPEC® modular slab formwork from Hünnebeck makes the shuttering and stripping of slabs much faster and demonstrably more economical than conventional slab formwork systems. This is because the TOPEC system has just two basic parts – panels and props, with a drophead as an optional extra. You’ll get perfect results in just a few working steps.

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Product advantages

Easy handling

  • Robust yet lightweight aluminum design provides ergonomic and fatigue-free handling
  • Columns and other obstacles are easy to work around with TOPEC’s adjustment solutions


The established TOPEC slab formwork, extended! TOPEC DH introduces a patented drophead to allow for early stripping, even on inclined slabs. This considerably expands the range of applications: Even inclined slabs, ramps and drains with an angle of inclination of up to 8 % can be quickly and safely formed and stripped with standard TOPEC DH components. For ultimate flexibility, panels can be installed from above or below.

Product benefits TOPEC DH
  • Can be used for flat or inclined surfaces such as slabs or ramps with an angle of inclination of up to 8 % - all with standard components
  • Less material required thanks to above-average grid of 1.80 x 2.40 m - reduce reshores and labour
  • Compensation hooks to prophead - no loose parts during disassembly
  • Compatible with the proven TOPEC system, with GASS, LIGHTSHORE, EUROPLUS and ALUMA HD supports

Technical specifications

  • Panel widths

    45 | 60 | 75 | 90 | 180 cm

  • Panel lengths

    90 | 180 cm

  • Adjustment panel

    55 – 90 x 90 cm | 55 – 90 x 180 cm

  • Profile thickness

    14 cm aluminum frame profile

  • Form lining types

    ECOPLY® full plastic composite sheet | Plywood (340 g/m²)

  • Form lining thickness

    11 mm ECOPLY full plastic composite sheet | 10 mm plywood

  • Weight per panel

    Panel 180 x 90 cm = 22.20 kg
    Panel 180 x 180 cm = 47.10 kg

  • Relevant standards

    Complies with DIN 18202

  • Maximum slab thickness

    75 cm (with 60 cm wide panels)

  • Corrosion protection


  • Standard shoring

    EUROPLUSnew props 20 kN | 30 kN

  • Special shoring

    MODEX scaffolding

  • Bearings

    TOPEC bearing | Edge support N | Drophead

  • Assembly/stripping times

    t = 0.20 – 0.40 h/m²

  • Special features

    • Adjustment panels (fully telescopic)
    • ECOPLY® full plastic composite sheet
    • Alternatively with TOPEC drophead for early striking
    • EUROPLUSnew with quick-lowering mechanism
    • TOPEC lift hydraulically positions the panels exact and flush

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