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Hünnebeck Staircases

Staircases for safe access ways

Hünnebeck staircases

Stable, sturdy and convenient staircases

They are essential on many scaffolds and elsewhere on construction sites to enable workers to get to and from their place of work at height. Our range of staircases are suitable for both professional trades and members or the public. The inherent variability allows ascending/descending stairs and other modes of access of all kinds and dimensions to be quickly assembled from just a few system components. Typically designed and integrated into the main scaffold, the staircases provide a convenient, fast and effective method of evacuation from a building in the event of an emergency.

The type of stairs will depend on the respective situation, the necessary height and the required load. We offer scaffold stairs, stair towers, construction stairs, and emergency stairs. We can also supply public access staircases which are designed to meet the latest legislation. For all versions, we supply complete kits including parts lists and static stability calculations for the standard versions.

BOSTA G2 staircases

BOSTA G2 - the new generation of aluminum stairs

The new BOSTA® G2 aluminum stairs offer maximum safety: They enable temporary height access during construction in accordance with all legal requirements such as DIN EN 12811 for scaffold stairs and BGR 113 „Stairs for construction work“. Compared to the predecessor model, it now has twice the load capacity of 2 kN/m².  The new BOSTA® aluminum stairs G2 is compatible with our BOSTA® and MODEX® scaffolds.

MODEX® Flex staircases

The new MODEX® FLEX stairs set new standards in terms of safety and flexibility

The MODEX FLEX stairs allow temporary access to heights in accordance with all legal requirements. The special thing about the MODEX FLEX stairs: The steps are created from system decks. It therefore has a variable width. A maximum of three climbing heights can be reached, whereby an exit grid of 50 cm is possible. The high load capacity of MODEX FLEX stairs of 7.5 kN/m2 (for events) enable safe height access even with increased requirements.

Product benefits
  • Stairs made of scaffold flooring allow variable stair widths
  • High load capacity of 7.5 kN/m2 (for events)
  • Safe assembly concept
  • Fulfils all requirements of DIN EN 18065
  • Compatible with all Hünnebeck system decks (BOSTA, MODEX)

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