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SCF Self-climbing formwork


SCF Self-climbing formwork

With the aid of an inbuilt hydraulic device, SCF climbs step-by-step without the need for a crane, matching the pace of construction.

SCF self-climbing formwork can take up and discharge all forces up to a maximum vertical load of 150 kN per bracket. With a maximum influence width of 8.50 m per bracket, formed surfaces up to 5.50 m high or 17 m wide are now possible.

Product advantages


  • Only one embedded climbing anchor per bracket per lift – less consumables and labor than traditional SCF systems
  • Very high vertical load capacity up to 150 kN per bracket, wider platforms and higher loading
  • Additional work decks above the formwork for continuous rebar operation and easier handling of double length vertical rebar

Technical specifications

  • Vertical load capacity

    150 kN per bracket (for climbing and static)

  • Platform widths

    Working platform: 3.20 m | Trailing platform: 2.30 m
    Pouring platform: 1.50 m

  • Climbing direction

    Inclined climb tracks in all directions technically possible
    (forward, backwards, sideways and curved)

  • Hydraulic

    Simultaneous operation of up to 8 brackets per hydraulic pump, completely secured and movable hydraulic pump

  • Wall offset

    Passing of wall offsets up to 50 mm without extra measures, up to 150 mm with extra measures

  • Bracket spacing

    With 4 m formwork height, up to 4.75 m (depending on wind load)

  • Wind speed

    Tested up to 208 km/h

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