The environmentally friendly plastic form lining for maximum economic efficiency

The extra-light ECOPLY® solid plastic form lining is available for wall and slab formwork.

It is distinguished by a number of advantages that pay for themselves in no time at all. ECOPLY is a lightweight, durable glassfiber-composite sandwich panel. As a solid plastic form lining, it is significantly superior to other form linings:

  • High rigidity combined with low weight per unit area
  • Can be easily and neatly cut to size and nailed without splintering
  • Rugged, impact- and scratch-resistant – hence little need for repair
  • UV-resistant
  • Resistant to moisture (dimensionally stable, shape-retaining, rot-resistant etc.)
  • Extra-smooth surface
  • Immaculate, bright, shiny concrete face without discoloration
  • Low quantities of release agent required
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extra-long-lasting and hence particularly cost-effective
  • Environment-friendly as it is fully recyclable. No separation of materials necessary.
ECOPLY form lining: Two thicknesses are better than one

ECOPLY is available in two thicknesses: ECOPLY Q with a thickness of 15 mm for slab formwork and the RASTO wall formwork system; and ECOPLY S with a thickness of 19 mm for the MANTO wall formwork system.

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