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Movable Scaffolding systems


Movable Scaffolding systems

For efficient bridge construction or demolition. Supports complex bridge construction projects from a single source.

Available in selected markets. Please contact us for further information.

Both the overhead and the underslung MSS (Movable Scaffolding System) consist of a self-supporting structure combined with a project specific internal and external formwork. Available for sale and to rent.

Product advantages


  • Every MSS will be designed and constructed to fit your needs in every respect.
  • The MSS is easily adaptable to cross sections ranging from double T to single box and span lengths from 20m to 70m. Typical bridge lengths are 400 meters (2 decks)
  • Possibility to place concrete pumps and cranes onto the MSS system
  • Possibility to build superstructures with a horizontal radius as small as 250m
  • Crossing of roads and rivers possible
  • Self launching optional solutions available


The Movable Scaffolding System (MSS) is offered in cooperation with Strukturas. Please find more information about Strukturas on their website www.strukturas.no.

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