MANTO® – first choice for large wall areas

Now the new generation of MANTO is on the starting line, die G3. Its particular bonus: The tie system can be selected at will, including particularly efficient one-sided ties. In addition, the plastic formwork skin delivers a high-quality, smooth concrete finish.

Flexible and easy tying

MANTO G3 makes tying flexible and easy. Bigger tying apertures permit tie play up to ± 2.5°, making work easier. Interchangeable plastic inserts protect the tying apertures from dirt and concrete. At the same time, they enable rapid adaptation to the various tie systems.

The new panels also offer numerous advantages: For example, the vertical bars increase the durability of the panels and offer additional connection options for accessories. The central vertical bars also stabilize the system. The new rigid corner element makes bracing elements superfluous. The cross bars have the same  profile as the panel, enabling seamless transition. The elimination of open profiles reduces contamination and hence cleaning costs.

Product benefits

  • Time and cost savings in erection and dismantling thanks to the possibility of single-sided tying
  • Rapid adaptation to different tie systems thanks to plastic inserts
  • Excellent efficiency thanks to tie hole reinforcements built into the frame, which protect the formwork skin and the tie tube from damage.
  • Clean and tidy working thanks to plastic inserts, which protect the tie openings from dirt
  • Sealing cones of the single-sided tie can be used multiple times
  • Compatible with MANTO and in some areas with the PLATINUM 100 formwork system

Fair faced concrete with version MANTO G3 M

The version MANTO G3 M has internal tying points for fair faced concrete requirements and enables an orderly tie pattern. The accessories of G3 and G3 M can be used with both systems.

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