09.10.2018 Strong, safe, and self-explanatory: The new ST 60 shoring tower impresses German users

The power tower in action

With the building carcass of the new Operative Center of Erlangen University Clinic almost completed, the new ST 60 shoring tower from Hünnebeck has now finally arrived on the German formwork market. The power tower already established in France has highly impressed the site crew of Riedel Bau GmbH & Co. KG across the board. For there is big demand for safe and ergonomic equipment in Germany as well.

Riedel Bau from Schweinfurt is responsible for work on the building carcass of the new Operative Center. The 160 m long and 26 m wide functional building consists of two sublevels and seven above-ground levels. With almost 15,000 m² of effective floor space, it will form a structural and functional unit with the already erected ward building of the surgical department. Along with twenty operating theaters, the center will also accommodate intensive care, an examination and treatment area, an X-ray unit, and of course research & teaching.

With Hünnebeck’s classic Manto large-frame formwork for the walls and Topec modular formwork for the slabs, the 31 m tall building has been rapidly growing on the site of the university clinic over the last 24 months. The ST 60 shoring system was used as a support frame in the construction of a 21 m wide and 24 m long vehicle access way. The formwork shoring had to be almost 12 m high in some places and discharge the loads from massive joists (100 cm x 240 cm).

To take up the loads from the timber beam formwork for the slab and joists, the Hünnebeck experts developed a support frame of ST 60 towers in combination with ID 15 and material from the Modex modular scaffolding system specifically for this application. Riedel site manager Sebastian Göller outlines the requirements: “Such a joist weighs some six tons per meter, and this is joined by the formwork and concrete load – and all this at a height of ten to twelve meters. So you sure need high-performance formwork shoring, and one that can be quickly and safely erected to suit the application in confined space.”

“Neither a classical support frame nor the alternative consisting of ID 15 towers could have been assembled and subsequently dismantled under the finished componentso quickly and safely,” is the site crew’s immediate response to the positive features of the power tower. And Göller adds: “We wouldn’t have actually needed the Hünnebeck formwork foreman on site to explain the new shoring system because the system is self-explanatory.”

Satisfying tomorrow’s requirements

Hünnebeck’s developers are of course particularly delighted by this assessment. Because it hits the nail on the head: “We optimized the ST 60 in every respect to suit the needs on site. Our new shoring system for formwork construction already satisfies tomorrow’s requirements in terms of assembly, dismantling, transport, and storage,” say Hünnebeck’s design engineers underlining the site manager’s positive feedback. For example, no component of this system conforming to both DIN EN 12810 and DIN EN 12811, weighs more than 15 kilos. On top of this, assembly and dismantling are safeguarded at all times by pre-fitted side guards and an extra-ergonomic board transfer system (patent pending).

France paves the way

These are all safety factors that have received plenty of accolades from the highly ergonomics- and safety-minded French market where the system has been in extremely successful use for several years. And there are good reasons for this. One is the system’s simplicity, as the ST 60 consists of just six basic modules. With only two frames, three tower widths – 113 cm x 113 cm, 150 cm x 150 cm, and 113 cm x 150 cm – can be assembled. The system’s loadability of up to 240 kN per shoring tower (60 kN per post) and its compatibility with aluminum and steel beams and timber formwork beams (H 20 und R 24) are an assurance of high load-bearing capacity and safe load discharge at the typical application heights of 3 to 15 m. The key features of the ST 60 tower include a special board transfer system. The boards (load class 4) are simply and ergonomically transferred to the next level with a special lifting handle. Once the tower has been fully assembled, it can be suspended as a single unit with four ropes from a crane for transfer on site.


At the university clinic site in Erlangen, a total of four ST 60 tower types with different widths and heights have been in operation. “Using the small number of system parts, different tower variants can be simply and safely assembled with the demanded dimensions,” is the final thumbs-upverdict of users.





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