24.01.2017 Hünnebeck shuttering plan fully exploits savings potential

According to its own statements, Rhön-Klinikum AG is investing over €170 million at its location in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany, on an ultramodern clinic complex (255,000 square meters base area). It consists of four building sections interlinked by an atrium and a further part of the complex. On completion of the project scheduled for 2018, various specialist clinics from the existing but meanwhile antiquated group of buildings as well as the district clinic will move in. For patients this will mean they benefit from a closer concentration of medical treatments and shorter distances from one specialist to the next. Campus NES is the name of this major project which was officially launched with the first cut of the spade on December 4, 2015. 

On completion of the excavations, work on the fabric started in April 2016. This was essential given that the final concrete slab had to be in place as early as March 2017, an extremely ambitious schedule for the 680-bed complex in which a staff of 2,000 will be working. To ensure that the up to six storeys would be built at the required pace while observing maximum standards of occupational safety, Hünnebeck assisted contractors Anton Schick GmbH + Co. KG from Bad Kissingen by devising shuttering and access solutions. 

Right from the bidding phase, the engineers and formwork planners from Hünnebeck's Project Development department worked out a detailed shuttering and safety strategy according to requirements and in close coordination with Schick's own work schedulers, taking account of the special challenges of this site. The stiffest was the tight time span allowed for producing altogether 17,600 square meters of stairwell and elevator surfaces, 30,000 square meters of punctuated façades, 73,000 square meters of slabs, and 7,600 square meters of supporting members. A project of this magnitude calls for efficient shuttering solutions that exploit any savings potential with regard to shuttering and transfer times.

"On all kinds of shuttering jobs, speed and safety are two sides of one and the same coin. Sound occupational safety not only reduces the number of accidents, it also and demonstrably promotes productivity. This is especially true of building construction shuttering which involves growing challenges in the face of increasing complexity," say the formwork planners from Hünnebeck. And this is why they go for premium systems which are then professionally integrated into shuttering strategies tailored to specific construction sites.

Battery formwork for punctuated façade

The technically most sophisticated shuttering solution created for this construction site is certainly the wall formwork for the building façade. In order to produce this punctuated façade from recurring wall elements and window openings as cost efficiently and quickly as possible, Hünnebeck planners teamed up with the job schedulers from Schick to develop special battery formwork from Manto large-frame panels designed so that as large a section as possible can be set up and transferred in one go. In this way, the repetition factor when producing window openings, etc. can be exploited to maximum effectiveness for quick construction times. Planning the pour cycles in line with the tight timetable was handled by the Schick job schedulers.

The Manto system is also used on all the other vertical parts of the complex. In fact, altogether 1,500 square meters are there on the Campus site, representing virtually all the formwork items from this proven and rugged line-up, for the comprehensive range of forms allows ideal adaptation to the building geometry.

Three Topec Lifts simultaneously

Right from the start, Topec modular aluminum formwork suggested itself as the most efficient and cost-effective solution for all the floors, and indeed over 5,000 square meters of this manually operable system are in use on the site of the future clinic. The alternative solution with table forms was initially considered but then very quickly ditched. Moreover, this would not have been technically feasible on the sizable subsections and also fastening the tables for the punctuated façade would have taken much too much time.

"With storey-to-storey heights of between 3.80 and 4.20 meters on average and, in some cases, even greater than 5, working from the floor is ruled out. So we decided to use our proven Topec Lift after consulting the Topec team who are well experienced in construction sites of this nature," explains the site-assisting Hünnebeck project manager. He adds: "Together with Schick, we considered how best to use the Topec Lift for both maximum efficiency and safety. During the assembly and stripping stages, the Lift not only saves having to use mobile scaffolds and the like, it also makes work less arduous and very safe."

The idea proved itself in practice to such an extent that, at peak times, as many as three Topec Lifts were in use simultaneously. At present only two are left. Tirelessly, they lift panels measuring up to 1.80 x 1.80 meters precisely into position. Then, only the props need be put in place. Thanks to these Lifts and shuttering plans that limited time-consuming infills to only a few spots, the Bad Neustadt team notched up speeds of under 0.2 h/square meter—a pace that even exceeded the expectations of these seasoned site workers. "We've been working with Topec formwork for some time now and experience has shown just how easy it is to handle, only a team of two being needed. And particularly in view of the loftier ceilings, the Lift has once again helped speed up the job."

On time

With all time-saving potential rigorously exploited and work smoothly proceeding thanks to sound planning, the fabric will be completed in line with the ambitious deadlines. "Right now, things are proceeding to schedule," the site team are happy to confirm.

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