09.03.2016 Perfect pair for slabs: Topec and Topmax

With modern formwork systems, it is possible to shutter slabs not only quickly but also highly safely. A good example is the construction site for the final office building in the new Arnulfpark district in Munich, where the carcass constructors were delighted with the performance of steel-frame floor table Topmax.

The new Arnulfpark district in the heart of Munich has been under construction on the site of the old railroad container terminal since 2004. 18 hectares of gross building land have been gradually converted into residential and office buildings, cultural facilities, shopping opportunities and parks. And now the last-remaining gap has been filled: Horus Development GmbH (a joint venture of Art-Invest Real Estate and Salvis Consulting AG) is erecting the NOVE office building. On a 7,300 m² site, some 27,500 m² of gross above-ground floor space is being created. The space is distributed among six standard storeys each of 3,600 m², a 23 m high atrium and a 9-storey high-rise structure. A triple-level underground parking garage will provide space for 430 vehicles.

The company contracted for construction of the building carcass was Porr Deutschland GmbH. The extensive work on the carcass got underway at the beginning of March 2015 and the project was completed right on time in mid-December. So that this extremely ambitious deadline could be met, efficient formwork solutions with inbuilt safety were required for the cast-in-place concrete – only then would the demands for quick and at the same time reliable progress be met. The site managers chose Hünnebeck as the formwork supplier because, as they put it: "The solutions produced at the bidding stage made a big impression." This was not the first time they were working with Manto, Topec and the like, so they were well aware of the compatibility of Hünnebeck systems with the needs on site.

"All of them are heavy-duty, user-friendly and extra-safe," says Foreman Walter Zimpfer explaining why he enjoys using Hünnebeck formwork and scaffolds. However, the experienced practitioner used the innovative Topmax steel-frame floor table for the first time during this project – and was immediately impressed by it. “The table’s slimness, the high-grade plastic of the form lining making its replacement unnecessary, the easy way of joining the tables together, the possibility of combining them with other panel systems, its inbuilt safety due to Protecto fall protection and the protective grille perfectly matching the table’s size – these are all truly practical features that make using the tables easy, quick and safe,” is the collective, unanimous verdict of the site crew.

Topec – beam-free aluminum formwork with inbuilt safety

On the sublevels where it made little sense to use large floor tables, the job was done with lightweight, manually handled Topec aluminum modular formwork. The beam-free system ranks among the truly "quick formwork systems", facilitating the achievement of shuttering and stripping times of some 0.2 h/m². In its standard version, the ergonomic system consists of just two basic parts – panel and prop – which can be erected and taken down from the safety of the ground. The up to 1.8 x 1.8 m Topec panels have a sturdy, 14 cm thick, powder-coated aluminum frame and are fitted with a high-grade, easy-care plastic form lining. And since even the big panel only weighs 47.1 kg, it only ever takes two men to hook the Topec panels on, push them up and prop them. "We were already aware of Topec formwork, and it was our first choice for making swift progress on the more poorly accessible sublevels," say the site management.

On the above-ground levels, the Topmax tables then celebrated their premiere. The 10 and 13 m² tables are particularly suitable for the rapid shuttering of large, high-grade soffit surfaces with regular ground plans and repetitive procedures – precisely the conditions prevalent on the Munich site. Experience in practice shows that using Topmax formwork cuts wage costs by up to 25 % and crane time by up to 50 %. This high efficiency was again confirmed during the NOVE project. To raise the edge tables to the next level, for example, a remarkable 26 m² of formwork surface – i.e. two 13 m² tables joined with centering clamps – was moved inclusive of fall protection in a single crane lift.

Infill areas quickly mastered with Topmax

The carcass constructors were particularly impressed by the rapid pouring of the usually very time-consuming adjustment and infill areas. "Minor adjustments with timber were made with the Topmax squared timber holder. It is simply attached to the table profile, the timber is inserted and the form lining is added," says Walter Zimpfer describing the procedure. Large infill areas were handled in combination with the Topec system, since the latter was already available on site anyhow. A special system component, the Topec Topmax head, made it possible to join the Topec panels to the Topmax tables with ease.

"It all worked really well. After the first few hours of working with the Topmax system, we were knocked out by its many brilliantly conceived features. Someone must have taken the trouble to precisely examine all operations and then adapt the formwork in every detail to practical needs. Terrific!" is Foreman Zimpfer’s upbeat conclusion.

It just remains to be added that the formwork solutions for pouring the walls (Manto large-frame formwork), which were also developed by Hünnebeck, likewise made their contribution to rapid progress. “It was a thoroughly successful project with very agreeable and constructive cooperation between ourselves and project management,” says the responsible Hünnebeck project manager describing the positive atmosphere. "I have no doubts that we lived up to expectations on all counts – from the submission and actual formwork planning through to site monitoring."

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