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12.02.2019 90 years of Hünnebeck: From ingenious inventor to internationally successful corporate group

Hünnebeck celebrates an important birthday: When he started his engineering firm ninety years ago, Emil Mauritz Hünnebeck laid the foundation stone for the Hünnebeck group of companies. His ideas and inventions revolutionized working processes on the construction site – and the same power of innovation is still what drives the company to this day.

24.01.2019 Scaffolding extreme

Sometimes scaffolders have to do real pioneering work. For example, when scaffolding an inaccessible aerial tramway pylon in the Berchtesgadener Land. The Bosta scaffolding material was brought to the site by helicopter and assembled by experienced fitters to create a safe working and protective scaffold for the upcoming concrete refurbishment.

08.11.2018 Special formwork solutions for extraordinary façade

Ingenious custom formwork solutions from Hünnebeck have saved time and money in the construction of a new office building complex in the west of Munich. Specially adapted column batteries of H20 custom formwork, for example, have enabled the cost-effective pouring of countless façade columns.

09.10.2018 Strong, safe, and self-explanatory: The new ST 60 shoring tower impresses German users

With the building carcass of the new Operative Center of Erlangen University Clinic almost completed, the new ST 60 shoring tower from Hünnebeck has now finally arrived on the German formwork market. The power tower already established in France has highly impressed the site crew of Riedel Bau GmbH & Co. KG across the board. For there is big demand for safe and ergonomic equipment in Germany as well.

13.09.2018 Rapid slab construction with Topec and Topmax

Erecting an almost circular building in a stepped pattern in confined space in only eight months– this feat has been accomplished on the building carcass of the outpatient department of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany. It has all been made possible by skilled work preparation, efficiently coordinated execution planning, and flexibly utilized Hünnebeck formwork systems. Construction was accelerated particularly by the slabs shuttered with a small share of infill.

10.07.2018 Frankfurt’s Grand Tower: Germany’s tallest residential building on the up-and-up

Varying floor ground plans, lack of space, and limited crane time: These, in a nutshell, are the difficult site conditions faced by the large-scale Grand Tower construction project in Frankfurt. An ingenious shuttering strategy and the use of Hünnebeck formwork and enclosure systems have nevertheless allowed the building fabric to advance swiftly upward. In operation for the first time in Germany was the rentable Safescreen enclosure system developed by Hünnebeck UK.

21.09.2017 Custom-tailored formwork solutions from Hünnebeck for premium fair-faced concrete

With a mixture of advanced system formwork and hand-crafted custom formwork elements, Porr Deutschland GmbH has constructed the shell of the almost 44,600 m² gross storey space of the Zalando headquarters in Berlin on behalf of a project company belonging to Münchner Grund Immobilien Bauträger GmbH,  a subsidiary of Austria's UBM Development AG. Hünnebeck devised the shuttering strategy for this ambitiously timed mega project which, apart from a few exceptions, requires Category 3 fair-faced concrete on the walls and ceilings.

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