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14.10.2019 Hünnebeck special formwork for fair-faced concrete

A construction site featuring fair-faced concrete of ultimate quality (class 4) poured to perfection – there's no such thing is the common opinion of many experts. They're wrong though! The extension of the Max Planck Institute in Mülheim, Germany, testifies to the contrary. If the material is right and everyone involved pulls together, top-class fair-faced concrete can be produced - without the need for time-consuming surfacing and finishing work.

24.09.2019 New Continental headquarters: Top shuttering times thanks to Topmax and Topec

In order to complete the shell of Continental's new corporate headquarters in Hannover as quickly as possible, the ZÜBLIN team entrusted with the project, is working closely with Hünnebeck's own formwork experts during the planning and logistic stages. Most important factor: fast shuttering times. A perfectly coordinated interplay of Topmax steel-frame table forms and Topec beamless modular formwork facilitates the desired short shuttering cycles.

05.08.2019 Topmax, Topec and Manto in non-stop action

The new Olympus corporate headquarters in Hamburg’s "City Süd" is growing. This means non-stop action for the Hünnebeck slab and wall formwork used on the construction site, since there are no storage areas for formwork material on this inner-city construction site with its precisely timed program. What is available on site is also in use, from the basement to the top floor – as envisaged by the formwork strategy.

08.05.2019 Construction of new bridge over the Düte River: Hünnebeck supplies a mix of custom and system formwork

The ambitious freeway project involving the demolition of the old bridge over the Düte River and construction of a new one is progressing according to plan. After successful partial demolition, various reinforced concrete components of the first half of the new bridge are already in place. The PORR team carrying out the construction work has the project perfectly under control – not least thanks to efficient formwork solutions from Hünnebeck.

08.04.2019 Efficiency and safety for infrastructure construction

Save time and money – without compromising occupational safety: This is the top priority for the construction industry when it comes to infrastructure measures. However, that is not all: Despite the construction site, it is vital that traffic is able to continue to flow as unhindered as possible. Hünnebeck will be presenting innovative solutions for these complex challenges at bauma 2019.

08.04.2019 Hünnebeck as a partner for high-rise construction

The booming high-rise construction sector is stimulating growth in the construction industry. Equally, it presents construction companies with complex challenges. High-rise buildings are often architectural landmarks with sophisticated geometries that require special formwork. In addition: Their locations in densely populated inner cities and in confined spaces usually prevent the use of cranes on construction sites and also require smart solutions for material logistics.

08.04.2019 Hünnebeck launches next generation of Rasto G2 wall formwork

Hünnebeck presents Rasto G2, the next generation of its 60 kN/m2 wall formwork for small to medium-sized objects, right on time for bauma. Rasto was designed primarily for residential construction. The system allows walls to be formed by hand independently of the crane, but also over large areas with crane support. Innovations such as single-sided ties now make the Rasto G2 even faster and therefore more cost-efficient than before.

08.04.2019 More cost-efficient than ever: The Manto G3 wall formwork system

At bauma 2019, Hünnebeck presents the Manto G3 wall formwork for the first time – the new generation of 80 kN/m² formwork system for large wall areas and rapid construction progress. High levels of functionality and durability have always been the outstanding features of this system, which is frequently used in industrial and infrastructure construction. Numerous further developments now mean the formwork is even faster and more flexible. Compatibility with the Manto G2 generation is maintained.

08.04.2019 Hünnebeck EPS offers maximum side protection on building edges

Working on building edges poses a particular risk during construction. A robust and reliable protective device is required here that satisfies all requirements for occupational safety. The new Hünnebeck EPS system, which Hünnebeck will be presenting at bauma 2019, impresses thanks to its high degree of functionality, easy installation and flexible application possibilities.

08.04.2019 Hünnebeck will be presenting two new scaffold stairs at bauma

High levels of safety and load-bearing capacity, flexible use and simple installation – these are the key features of the new Modex Flex staircase and the Bosta Alu staircase G2 from Hünnebeck.

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